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I told you it was coming back on 8/19/08 - 360forged.

So in a firefall that was as exciting as the Wall St. teardown last year, it appears the $75 cigar smoking studs have themselves in quite a bind. For the past few months it’s been uncovered that the foolios over at 360 had delivered bad product (rusted fasteners that were sold as “titanium), then failed to deliver product at all, then boasted that they were coming back and now have apparently re-modeled themselves under a different name.

The drama was most apparent at MBWorld.Org - full thread here:

Which quickly flowed over to 6spd, lux4play and the like. Even causing most forums to remove 360’s sponsorship. Additionally, 360 was creating forum users in an attempt to clear their name. It got real dirty when Jordan’s personal financials were put up (fly cigar smoker was foreclosed on and was in apparent financial trouble) - but hey, light em’ up boyz!

Now their re-inventing themselves under “Forged Distribution” - and reposting a bunch of the 360 pics etc…

Look, if you want quality 3 piece “custom” wheels - go get yourself some HRE or iForged, hell - get some DPE’s even…at least you can knock on their doors. The 360 ponzi scheme (apparently they were using new order money to produce old orders) is up.

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