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BBS Centercap Color Info

The BBS Red centers originally came out in 2002 under a “special color” option. I actually have an old Option magazine that had the new center caps options (blue and red) at the time- the blue became known as it was the cap offered on the Magnesium LM (only offered in 18″ at the time) the red became more popular a year later when it was released as the “Champion Edition” or “F1 Champion Edition” in Japan. Until this day, you can order the red or blue caps direct from BBS.

Another note that not a lot of people pay attention to: If you buy a set of LM’s and the caps have “BBS Racetrack” in Gold, your LM’s were made in Japan. If the “BBS Racetrack” is in Silver, they were made in Germany/US.

Last note: I got my first set of LM’s for my ///M3 back in 2001 - 19×8.5 & 19×10 for $3200 brand new. 7 years later -that same set new is $4800 LOL.

Bad iPhone pic of the CLS on 20″ LM’s w/Red Caps.

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