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Drama of the year (for now) goes to…EisenWHAT?

The internet is full of drama, but this scandal takes the cake. I’m still reading threads from March with new information, it’s sort of like watching that movie you love over and over again and finding something new each time LOL. 

Cliff Notes Version (unless you’d rather read through the 300 pages of threads at M5, E90, etc):

For as long as I can remember Eisenhaus was the official distributor for Eisenmann products. When I first got into the European tuning scene back in 99, Eisenmann was one of the few well known European exhaust manufacturers that was respected - they even did OE stuff for German car manufacturers…*porsche*cough. 

So beginning in 01 - Eisenhaus works with Eisenmann on the development of a new product - titanium exhaust systems (JDM had been doing this for awhile, Euro as usual caught on late), the first “Meisterchaft” product was built for hey, whaddaya know - an E46///M3.  I was deep into the BMW tuning scene at the time and with other companies such as Dixis and GruppeM providing titanium exhausts - Eisenhaus/Meisterchaft seemed to be a logical addition to the TI market. 

This is where things get interesting (and a bit blurry) - Eisenhaus continued to market “Meisterchaft” systems to the tuning community, including new applications (E60, etc) and the response was phenomenal. People love the sound, the quality, and of course, the branding associated with it - “Eisenmann”. But there was one little thing they forgot to mention…the product was being made in Asia and Eisenmann wasn’t aware that Eisenhaus was continuing to develop the line.

So here you have a core group of enthusiasts who love a product, but were led to believe it was made by Eisenmann (which it initially was) - but rather than some big german dude pounding metal into shape (picture this in your head), it’s a 12 year old Chinese kid using a machine….kidding…sort of. 

So of course the drama unfolds on one of the BMW forums, when a member gets a direct letter here from Eisenmann pretty much stating that Eisenhaus is a fraud, all Meisterchaft products are fake and oh, by the way - there is a new Eisenmann distributor for the US. Damn, talk about a bad day for the owner of Eisenhaus. The drama continues to unfold with people requesting refunds, the owner of Eisenhaus making his own statement here and lots of legal threatening to be thrown around.

Eisenhaus continues to sell the Meisterchaft line under the name “gthaus” while Eisenmann is now distributed by IND. Confused yet?

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