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I’ve known Vince for awhile now, even remember him hitting me up for the offsets on my Work Rezax II’s back in 01′ when I brought in the first set from Japan that started the “big lip” craze. Vince has done a good job building up IForged (formerly Intro Forged) to what it is today. Designs have gotten better, marketing is decent and a lot of the tuning community rocks this brand. One thing that has constantly marred the company is customer service. I can’t even begin to post all the threads that I’ve read about issues with wheel quality, finish and overall response - but personally, I’ve never had issues with Vince - he’s a good guy. I’m hoping that a lot of this is a result of insufficient resources (IE: staff) and that overall the percentage of happy customers far outweighs the upset customers, but either way, it should be handled in the best way possible. It’s apparent people like the wheels - just put some money and time into a solid customer service plan. Hit me back Vince if you need assistance.

Update 8.28.08: Vince/IForged gave a full refund to the customer. That’s how you do it Vince!

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