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CEC @ Costco?

While handling some weekend shopping at the local Costco, I was shocked to see this wheel lineup from Claus on the way out. Literally next to the cabinet vendors, Costco return section and travel service, there stood a rack of CEC branded wheels. From a marketing standpoint, it’s actually pretty smart you figure: South OC, the land of soccer moms driving range rovers, S550’s, etc - easy sell @ Costco. From a branding standpoint, why the hell would you want to associate an upscale wheel line with Costco? Granted he does have true boutique brands he wouldn’t dare whore out (Novitec/Tech Art) but again, 50/50 on having the CEC line at the local wholesale warehouse. Confusing, definitely. Pickup you 100 count toilet paper, 50 lbs of beef and 22″ wheels all at the same spot from now on!

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