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Mass Spamming from 360 Forged.

So there’s yet ANOTHER new wheel company (hoo-rah) that is entering the game - like moths to a flame, the idiots over at 360 are spamming the hell out of MBWorld and 6Speed. It’s getting pretty ridiculous guys - seriously. The wheels should be able to sell themselves if they’re good…

I think this thread says it all as far as what the community thinks of these guys:

and the best comment to top it all off (in response to the many SPAM posts):

“Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind while I’m sitting back at the end of the month, smoking a $75 dollar cigar, reflecting on how good the month was, due to our posts that everyone is “sick of”…”
That is Straight from a 360 Rep…so for all you people buying 360 wheels (which there aren’t many LOL) - you’re helping support $75 cigars. YAY!

Oh - and carbon fiber weave look FTL! 

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