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WRS - Wheel Repair Specialists

I had heard several very good recommendations from some industry friends, so I decided to give these guys a try on the used set of 20″ BBS LM’s I picked up last week. I was previously VERY loyal to Tru-Wheel (another well known repair shop) since they had resurrected a rare set of SSR Neo’s for me back in the day, but their North Hollywood location is less than motivating to drive to.

So wheels in hand, I headed over to WRS in Santa Ana. First off, their shop was BUSY - which is always a good sign. I dealt with Jeff and showed him the nice 12″ curb rash the previous owner left on one of the rear wheels. I then showed him a smaller nick that bothered me on the other rear wheel. Jeff offered several options to help me determine the best course of action. I found this very refreshing as most machine type shops would say “this will fix it” rather than “there are a few things we can do, let’s see what best fits what you want”. I opted to have the outer edge machined (they actually do this on a lathe rather than via a dremel like some mobile fixer’s do it) since that’s where the curb was most evident. Jeff did warn me about the clear coat on the lip (again, refreshing)  - which I was already willing to concede since the part we were refinishing wouldn’t be widely noticeable. I left the wheels at noon and was able to pick them up by 4PM. Great service, outstanding execution - Jeff and WRS will definitely get my recommendation and business again.

Wheel Repair Specialists - - 714.973.1741

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