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BBS Centercap Color Info

The BBS Red centers originally came out in 2002 under a “special color” option. I actually have an old Option magazine that had the new center caps options (blue and red) at the time- the blue became known as it was the cap offered on the Magnesium LM (only offered in 18″ at the time) [...]

Drama of the year (for now) goes to…EisenWHAT?

The internet is full of drama, but this scandal takes the cake. I’m still reading threads from March with new information, it’s sort of like watching that movie you love over and over again and finding something new each time LOL. 
Cliff Notes Version (unless you’d rather read through the 300 pages of threads at M5, [...]

Musical Distributors - Hamann

Although this happened awhile back, I feel compelled to write on it since Hamann hits close to home for me. As an integral part of the Hamann fanfare back in 99-01, I found it pretty disheartening to see Wheel Power Inc. “lose” it’s distributorship last year. Granted, it was played out by 02-03, the initial [...]


I’ve known Vince for awhile now, even remember him hitting me up for the offsets on my Work Rezax II’s back in 01′ when I brought in the first set from Japan that started the “big lip” craze. Vince has done a good job building up IForged (formerly Intro Forged) to what it is today. [...]

CEC @ Costco?

While handling some weekend shopping at the local Costco, I was shocked to see this wheel lineup from Claus on the way out. Literally next to the cabinet vendors, Costco return section and travel service, there stood a rack of CEC branded wheels. From a marketing standpoint, it’s actually pretty smart you figure: South OC, [...]

BBS North America

Since I picked up my LM’s used, I needed to get a hold of the TPMS adapters since the previous owner didn’t have TPMS on his vehicle. Tire Rack was of no use whatsoever - they weren’t even aware that BBS had an application in 20×10.5 for my car (actually made by BBS Japan) so [...]

WRS - Wheel Repair Specialists

I had heard several very good recommendations from some industry friends, so I decided to give these guys a try on the used set of 20″ BBS LM’s I picked up last week. I was previously VERY loyal to Tru-Wheel (another well known repair shop) since they had resurrected a rare set of SSR Neo’s [...]

Mass Spamming from 360 Forged.

So there’s yet ANOTHER new wheel company (hoo-rah) that is entering the game - like moths to a flame, the idiots over at 360 are spamming the hell out of MBWorld and 6Speed. It’s getting pretty ridiculous guys - seriously. The wheels should be able to sell themselves if they’re good…
I think this thread says [...]

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