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I told you it was coming back on 8/19/08 - 360forged.

So in a firefall that was as exciting as the Wall St. teardown last year, it appears the $75 cigar smoking studs have themselves in quite a bind. For the past few months it’s been uncovered that the foolios over at 360 had delivered bad product (rusted fasteners that were sold as “titanium), then failed [...]

BBS Centercap Color Info

The BBS Red centers originally came out in 2002 under a “special color” option. I actually have an old Option magazine that had the new center caps options (blue and red) at the time- the blue became known as it was the cap offered on the Magnesium LM (only offered in 18″ at the time) [...]


I’ve known Vince for awhile now, even remember him hitting me up for the offsets on my Work Rezax II’s back in 01′ when I brought in the first set from Japan that started the “big lip” craze. Vince has done a good job building up IForged (formerly Intro Forged) to what it is today. [...]

CEC @ Costco?

While handling some weekend shopping at the local Costco, I was shocked to see this wheel lineup from Claus on the way out. Literally next to the cabinet vendors, Costco return section and travel service, there stood a rack of CEC branded wheels. From a marketing standpoint, it’s actually pretty smart you figure: South OC, [...]

BBS North America

Since I picked up my LM’s used, I needed to get a hold of the TPMS adapters since the previous owner didn’t have TPMS on his vehicle. Tire Rack was of no use whatsoever - they weren’t even aware that BBS had an application in 20×10.5 for my car (actually made by BBS Japan) so [...]

WRS - Wheel Repair Specialists

I had heard several very good recommendations from some industry friends, so I decided to give these guys a try on the used set of 20″ BBS LM’s I picked up last week. I was previously VERY loyal to Tru-Wheel (another well known repair shop) since they had resurrected a rare set of SSR Neo’s [...]

Mass Spamming from 360 Forged.

So there’s yet ANOTHER new wheel company (hoo-rah) that is entering the game - like moths to a flame, the idiots over at 360 are spamming the hell out of MBWorld and 6Speed. It’s getting pretty ridiculous guys - seriously. The wheels should be able to sell themselves if they’re good…
I think this thread says [...]

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